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Plastic bags are deadly to the wildlife that mistake them for food or become entangled. Turtles, whales, seals, birds, and fish suffer a painful death; the plastic wraps around their intestines or they choke to death. Some of these animals are already threatened due to issues such as over fishing or habitat loss and plastic bag litter only further hurts their chances for survival.

Plastic bags are so aerodynamic that even when disposed of properly, they can still blow away and become litter. They easily escape from garbage trucks, landfills, boats, and average consumer’s hands, and then carried by the wind into ponds, lakes and rivers eventually making their way into our oceans.

Every time we use a plastic bag, we’re leaving behind a small legacy of waste for future generations. As polyethylene breaks down, toxic substances leach into the soil and enter the food chain.

Only 5% of plastic bags are recycled. But even if the recycling rate were doubled, tripled or quadrupled, the end result would still be an unacceptable negative impact on wildlife.

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Plastic Bag Facts

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NEWS FLASH: State Legislature considers H.3438. Ask your state rep to help move this bill through House Ways and Means.

Bag Bans pass in Brookline and Manchester-by-the-Sea.

State Legislature marks Earth Day by advancing ban on plastic bags.








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